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Ludovici Arnette

                                              was born in Naples Italy in 1843. As an aprentice plaster craftsman, he followed his padrone to Newcastle Upon Tyne where on the 18th July 1865 he married his sweetheart Isabella in a small chapel on Pilgrim Street. Wishing to share a part of his beloved Italy with his bride and guests, he imported four crates of Sorrento lemons and using the family recipe produced a batch of traditional hand made limoncello to celebrate the occasion. This recipe has been passed from generation to generation, is still enjoyed by his decendants today and is now produced by the family, using traditional methods for you to enjoy.

Ludovici Arnette

Followimg in the footsteps of his father Dominico Arnette, Ludovici was a master model plaster craftsman, respected and renound for his quality work. Some of Ludovici'c plaster casts can still be admired within prominent buidings in Newvastle Upon Tyne city centre today.

Ludovici Arnette 1865